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Orthopedic Surgery Based Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is arthritis?

It is the inflammation of any joint is called arthritis. Here articular cartilage that covers the end of each bone forming the joint is destroyed. Pain, swelling, stiffness around the joint is the main complaint. Most commonly affected joints are knee, hip, shoulder and small joints of the hand.


2. Which age group is affected by arthritis?

There are grossly two types of arthritis. The first group is inflammatory arthritis (example: Rheumatoid arthritis), and it can affect the younger population as early as 20-30 years. The other group is osteoarthritis, and it starts late due usually after 40-50 years.


3. Does all patients with knee arthritis will need a joint replacement sometimes in life?

With age, everybody will have some arthritis in their knee joint, but only a few of them reach the stage where a replacement surgery is necessary. Both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis have good non-operative treatment which prevents lot of knees to reach the last stage.


4. How to prevent osteoarthritis?

As the normal wear and tear of the joint cannot be prevented with the increase of age, osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, but progression can be minimized by several methods.

Eat healthy, avoid weight gain, exercise (non-impact such as swimming) daily, use good footwear, avoid repeated squatting or sitting on the floor, treat diabetes,  hypothyroidism. Consult doctor in case of symptoms. Remember painkillers are not any solution for arthritis. It does very little help to the joint but damages kidney and stomach.


5. How far total knee replacement is successful ?

TKR is the most successful surgery in orthopedics. There is pain relief in almost all patients. However, the timing of surgery and proper post-operative physiotherapy is very important for patient satisfaction.


6. Can I live a normal life after TKR (Total Knee Replacement)?

Yes . One can perform normal activities like walking, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming or playing golf. However, high impact activities like running are not advisable.


7. Is there any role of local steroid injection in knee osteoarthritis?

No. There is no such evidence.


8. Can I play football again after ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction surgery?

Yes, You can. Once you build up your knee muscles like quadriceps and hamstring, you can play like before. But that takes around 6-9 months after surgery.


9. When shoulder joint is replaced?

When there is pain and stiffness due to shoulder degeneration or sometimes in case of a badly fractured shoulder joint total or reverse shoulder joint replacement is done.


10. Can I do a MRI with a metal implant?

Yes. With titanium or cobalt chrome alloy doing MRI is not an issue. However, with stainless steel implant you need to take caution. A well fixed good quality stainless steel implant is not a contraindication for 1.5 T  MRI scan.


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